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A place has been identified for spiritual retreat and silent meditation in a forested environment in Bemban Village in Mambau,Seremban,Malaysia by Acharya Yogi Ananda Saraswathi.

 Anandashram to be, when renovations are complete, would be a place of spiritual refuge removed from urban life, for silent meditation and yogic disciplines amid forest, river setting

As it is ,the present buildings require renovations for this a fund raising campaign has been started.
As most of us are aware that Saints who start these kinds of project offer themselves for the service of humanity as a whole, they have given up on making money and often have nothing but love to give.

"The trees don’t eat their own fruits and a stream doesn’t drink its own water. These serve others. Likewise, the Holy Saints offer themselves for the service of humanity as a whole."

Renovation and construction work has slowed down for obvious reasons . 
If you are in a position to donate your time or funds to this worthy cause please do so information below

Ways to Donate

Postal orders or Bank cheques.

Please make Bank cheques or Postal orders made payable to: Anandashram Resources

The postal address :
Anandashram Resources
c/o Messrs T. Rajagapalu & Co
Advocates & Solicitors
Suite 10-4, Arab Malaysian Business Centre
Jalan Pasar (opposite Pasar Besar)
70000 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

On Line Transfer:

Name:                     Anandashram Resources (JR0042825-P)

Bank:                      Public Bank, Jalan Abdullah Branch76&78,                                   Jalan Abdullah 8000 Muar, Johor Malaysia

Account Number:          3186992432

Swift code:                   PBBEMYKLXXX.

Western Union.

 Country of transfer:                Malaysia
Method of transfer:                Pick up in person
First name of recipient:         Anandashram
Surname of recipient:            Resources

You will be given a unique number called MTCN number (10 digits),

You will need to email us the following information:

Full name of sender:
Country of sender:
MTCN Number (10 digits)
Date sent:
Email address:

Once the monies have been collected we will send you an acknowledgement and a receipt to the email address provided

Our email:


 Thank you for your support.